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Leak Testers & Equipment

Custom Leak Testing Products & Equipment

Determining which leak test technology is best suited for your application is often the biggest challenge our customers face. We are leak test experts with extensive application experience to help guide you through the selection and implementation process. Knowledge + Experience = Optimum Solution.


Our customers have limited time to explore the overwhelming manufacturing technology solutions available in today’s market. CapEx Sales representatives help customers get clear on their needs and identify the solution that best aligns with the application. We use our time to save your time.

Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector

Hard vacuum helium mass spectrometer technology increases throughput by reducing cycle times and minimizing false rejects. Cincinnati Test Systems have been pioneers in optimizing the use of pumping technologies and mass spectrometers in an effort to simplify an otherwise very complex solution.

Pressure Decay & Mass Flow Leak Testing Equipment

The most common test technologies include pressure decay and mass flow. These test technologies are typically less expensive and less complex than tracer gas applications. Cincinnati Test Systems have been building custom test solutions for over 35 years.

Our Experts Can Match Equipment to Your Needs

Functional Test Systems

Functional Testing Equipment Cincinnati Test Systems


Function test solutions from Cincinnati Test Systems and ATC Automation vary greatly in scope and technology.

Gas Reclaim Recovery Systems

Tracer gases such as helium have had prices sky rocket as demand increases with limited supply. Helium gas recovery systems are in high demand because the return on investment is often a no brainer.

Not Sure What Leak Tester You Need?

Vacuum Decay Leak Testing Equipment

Cincinatti Test System Vacuum leak detectorVacuum decay technology is beneficial to apply for large or difficult to seal applications. If your part needs to resist foreign substance or particle ingress vacuum technology could be a best fit.

Side markers for automotive applications are commonly vacuum tested.

Tracer Gas Leak Test Systems

CTS Tracer gas leak testingTracer gas technology has many advantages over traditional pressure decay or mass flow leak test technologies. These advantages include: not susceptible to temperature changes during the test, fewer false positives (increased throughput), and faster cycle times (increased throughput).

Combined 85 Years of Manufacturing Experience

CapEx Sales exists to bring value to our customers. Our team has a combined 85 years of manufacturing experience. Despite the experience we won’t pretend to have all of the answers because every application & customer is unique. The experience does help us avoid the traps of the past and positively direct the process solution. We want to empower customers and work with them to identify a solution that best aligns with their vision.