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Industrial Filtration Equipment

Industrial Air Filtration Equipment and Purifiers

Our industrial customers are focused on creating a safe work environment for employees. Air quality plays a major role in maintaining a healthy environment. CapEx provides systems for industrial processes such as machining, thermal processing, painting, or finishing processes that create airborne pollutants.

Minimal Waste Air Filtration

Air filtration can have significant and wasteful biproducts. Our systems focus on green technologies to minimize waste from non-reusable and reusable filter media, as well as, reduce energy consumption through highly efficient component design.





Dust Collectors

TR-1 Dust Collector Industrial Air filtration equipment capex salesHighly effective, energy efficient dry separation of fine, free-flowing dust. Applications Include: Ceramics, Compounding (CLEACOM), Blasting Processes, Die-Casting, Graphite Dust, Laser/Plasma Cutting, Dry Machining Applications, Plastics/Rubber Machining, Powder Coating, Spring Grinding, Thermal Spraying, Recycling, Welding, & Wire-Drawing.

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Mist Collectors

Keller Mist Collector Industrial Air Filtration and Air purification Equipment Cap Ex


Water and oil based coolants allow purified air to be released into the facility. Applications Include: Grinding, Polishing, Deburring, Die-Casting, Machining, and Milling.




Wet Separation Solutions

These systems separate substances that cannot normally be separated or are difficult to separate in dry operating systems. Applications Include: Blasting Processes, Compounding (CLEACOM), Die-Casting, Forging, Hot-dip Galvanizing, Large Shredding, MDF Processing, Plastic Extrusion, Synthetic Fiber, and Wood-Based Panel

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Safety Components

Industrial process particulate can be extremely volatile. We provide safe extraction components and explosion suppression.

Back Pressure Flap ProFlapII
ProBox & ProFix
ProTERM – Thermal Energy Recovery Modules



Combined 85 Years of Manufacturing Experience

CapEx Sales exists to bring value to our customers. Our team has a combined 85 years of manufacturing experience. Despite the experience we won’t pretend to have all of the answers because every application & customer is unique. The experience does help us avoid the traps of the past and positively direct the process solution. We want to empower customers and work with them to identify a solution that best aligns with their vision.