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Factory Automation Equipment and Systems

Air Filtration Systems & Equipment

From wet applications that remove poisonous gases from processes to dry solutions that minimize maintenance requirements we have you covered. Keller Technologies carries the most comprehensive line of industrial filtration equipment in the industry.

Leak & Flow Test Equipment: Custom & Standard

Pressure Decay, Mass Flow, and Helium Leak Test Equipment are test technologies we provide. The key is understanding your specific needs and applying the right technology for optimum performance. Cincinnati Test Systems is the largest leak test company in the world, providing the most comprehensive line of products in the industry.

Lean Production Systems & Equipment

Lean assembly systems allow for the scaling of labor to customer demands. Flexibility allows customers to integrate new products and programs to existing capital equipment reducing investment requirements. ATC Automation specializes in Lean & Flexible automation solutions.

Engineered solutions for factory equipment are best developed through discussion. The CapEx team has a disciplined approach to developing the best solution for the customers automation and testing needs. The mission is to provide cost effective and robust manufacturing equipment solutions.

Assembly Line Equipment & Components

Pallet transfer, dial assembly, and robotic applications are common assembly methods we deploy through ATC Automation. Taking time to understand the customer expectations is the most important in determining the best solution for our customers. The product and the customer dictate the best strategy for providing factory automation solutions.

Functional Testing Equipment

Custom functional test equipment requires specific knowledge of the product outputs to be measured and the technology best suited to measure the outputs. Hydraulic testing, product calibration, product programming, pulse width modulation, torque to turn, gear ratio confirmation, signature analysis, and application simulation are all applications built by the teams at Cincinnati Test Systems.

Plastic Welding Machines & Equipment

Ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, infrared, spin, and laser welding of plastic parts are best tackled with experience. Dukane Plastic Welding has been in operation for over 95 years. Experience you can count on!

CapEx Sales exists to bring value to our customers. Our team has a combined 85 years of manufacturing experience. Despite the experience we won’t pretend to have all of the answers because every application & customer is unique. The experience does help us avoid the traps of the past and positively direct the process solution. We want to empower customers and work with them to identify a solution that best aligns with their vision.