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Plastic Welding Assembly Solutions

Plastic Assembly Solutions – Customized for Each Application

Plastic Assembly Solutions that Work

The company we work with invented the transducer! They get it. We assemble parts for the automotive, medical, and consumer products industries. We use our melt match technology software to adjust the collapse speed to ensure the maximum strength of the weld joint.

Plastic Welding Solutions

Our plastic solutions include ultrasonic welding, spin welding, hot plate welding, vibration welding, laser welding, and infrared welding. We are a technology driven company obsessed with matching the best solution for the application. That is why the lab exists…to eliminate promises that can’t be kept.


Ultrasonic Welding


Spin Welding


Hot Plate Welding


Vibration Welding


Laser Welding


Infrared Welding

Standard & Custom Plastic Joining Solutions for Manufacturing Companies in Every Major Industry

Plastic joining equipment requires a special know how that can only be acquired through experience. Medical products have been a significant business segment for the companies we represent. Automotive interior components for doors & dashboards. Automotive exterior components for bumpers, side panels, and trim features. Food processing to cut dough and finished baked goods prior to packaging.


Each application has nuances that will likely need to be developed. We have multiple labs available to help determine the best technology, optimize the parameters, and save time during implementation.


Medical Connectors


Automotive Lighting


Dash Components


Door Panels





Our Focus

CapEx has a singular focus – add value. We don’t want to show up and waste our customers time. We show up and add value or we don’t go.


The CapEx team has over 70 combined years in selling plastic assembly solutions. We have a process that we utilize with every project to ensure that we are aligning the application with the appropriate solution. We don’t seek to sell a customer something for the sake of selling a customer something. If we don’t have the right solution for our customers we tell them but we don’t stop there, when possible we help match the customer with a company that can fill their need. It is all about adding value.