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Standard & Custom Leak & Functional Test System Solutions

Functional & Leak Testing Solutions – Customized for Your Industry

24 Years of Experience

The key to successful leak and functional test solution implementation is to select a supplier that has experience. We have been implementing and integrating leak and functional test solutions for over 24 years. What matters most in a partner?

1. People

2. Products

3. Culture

4. Service

The leak & functional test equipment suppliers we work with have these four ingredients for success. EXPERIENCE REDUCES RISK!


Custom Leak & Functional Test System Solutions for Manufacturing Companies in the Automotive, Medical, Consumer Products, Energy Storage, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Every testing application is unique. The technologies are often the same but the solutions must be custom because every test is different. The key to success is experience in applying the appropriate technology to ensure the fastest cycle time and optimum performance.


Automotive test requirements continue to get more stringent and demanding. Medical instrumentation and medical products have been a significant business segment for the companies we represent. Medical experience is a differentiator because the rigor required to build and qualify medical equipment is like no other industry. This rigor helps us to be better in all aspects of our business and the result is that we build better machines. The major key to success in the machine building business is following a process and being disciplined in applying the process even when it is easy to cut corners. The companies we represent don’t cut corners and our customers continually count on them as a result.


Specific applications include every engine component from blocks to solenoids to spark plugs. Every fuel component ever made gets leak tested prior to shipment. Hydraulic pumps, oil pumps, compressors, iPhone X’s, etc. Anything that has to keep a fluid from escaping or a fluid from entering gets tested with our leak & functional test equipment.






Energy Storage


Consumer Goods

Effective Test Solutions

Our leak & functional test solutions include fully automated, semi-automated, & manual sealing applications. We are a technology driven company with expertise in implementing pressure decay, mass flow, and tracer gas test technologies.


Some of this equipment has been implemented to assist companies when they have a need to locate leaks, reject early to minimize value add scrap, maintain high quality standards, detect a clogged line, etc.


Fully Automated




Manual Sealing


Pressure Decay


Mass Flow


Tracer Gas

Our Focus

CapEx has a singular focus – add value. We don’t want to show up and waste our customers time. We show up and add value or we don’t go.


The CapEx team has over 70 combined years in solving testing problems. We have a process that we utilize with every project to ensure that we are aligning the application with the appropriate solution. We don’t seek to sell a customer something for the sake of selling a customer something. If we don’t have the right solution for our customers we tell them but we don’t stop there, when possible we help match the customer with a company that can fill their need. It is all about adding value.


Each year we offer two leak test training classes to help our customers improve their test knowledge. We believe an educated customer is an empowered customer. If you would like for us to come to your facility to conduct the training onsite just let us know and we will get you scheduled!