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Industrial Data Management & Smart Factory Solutions

Data Management Solutions – Customized for Your Industry

Hardware and software solutions that connect machines, tests and processes for manufacturing companies.

Where to start with Industry 4.0? Start with an experienced team that is able to bridge the data gap between available data and useful data. How do you harness the full potential of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0? Plan it. Build it. Implement it. One operation at a time. There is no magic wand that does the work but no wand is required when you call CapEx to help architect a simple or comprehensive solution.

Our Smart Factory Solutions have been Integrated into Every Major Industry

From Ford Motor Company to John Deere to Cummins Engine our process monitoring technology has saved our customers money and helped them to meet their corporate Industry 4.0 & Smart Factory objectives.


Our solutions have the ability to take large files, such as vision camera files, and create a signature file. The signature file allows us to easily compare & contrast current production versus the master part, as well as, compare new reject criteria versus the thousands or millions of products in the archive. This allows customers to pinpoint issues from the past and do targeted campaigns if necessary.






Energy Storage


Consumer Goods

Effective Data & Process Monitoring Solutions

Our process monitoring and data analysis solutions can be stand alone or comprehensive. Turnkey or plug & play. The software & hardware solutions we provide are scalable. Start small – get comfortable and then deploy based on priority or manufacturing concerns.

Process Monitoring 

Real-time part test and in-process monitoring for signature analysis, torquing operations, force-distance monitoring, leak & functional test.

Data Intelligence

Making use of the available is our specialty. Our software solutions allow customers to connect the dots backwards to evaluate newly discovered defect conditions on historical data.


Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)


Industrial Control Systems


Human Machine Interface


Data Acquisition Systems


Industrial Data Management


Industrial Data Analytics

Our Focus

CapEx has a singular focus – add value. We don’t want to show up and waste our customers time. We show up and add value or we don’t go.


The CapEx team has over 70 combined years in solving data management problems and implementing smart factory upgrades. We have a process that we utilize with every project to ensure that we are aligning the application with the appropriate solution. We don’t seek to sell a customer something for the sake of selling a customer something. If we don’t have the right solution for our customers we tell them but we don’t stop there, when possible we help match the customer with a company that can fill their need. It is all about adding value.