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Custom Assembly Automation Solutions

Automated Assembly Solutions – Customized for Your Industry

Industrial Automation Solutions that Work

Our automation solutions include fully automated, semi-automated, & lean applications. We are a technology driven company with expertise in implementing laser welding, servo pressing, robotic assembly, and other assembly technologies.

Automotive Assembly Line

Automated Assembly Solutions for Manufacturing Companies in Automotive, Medical, Consumer Products, Energy Storage, and Pharmaceutical Industries

Every application is unique. The technologies are often the same but the solutions must be custom because every assembly is different. The key to success is experience in applying technology in innovative but simple ways.




Leak Testing


Air Filtration & Purification


Pressing & Welding

Systems, Equipment & Components by Top Assembly Machine Manufacturers

Automation equipment builders are a dime a dozen during the boom times. The differentiators are the people, the products, the culture, and the service. The companies that get it last for the long haul but those that don’t crash as soon as the market turns south. The company we work with have been around for over 40 years. They get it. We provide a range of systems & equipment based on need.


Leak Testers & Equipment


Air Filtration Systems & Equipment


Air Purification Systems & Equipment


Lean Production Systems & Equipment


Assembly Line Equipment & Components


Functional Testing Equipment


Plastic Welding Machines & Equipment

Our Automation Solutions have been Integrated into Every Major Industry

Medical instrumentation and medical products have been a significant business segment for the companies we represent. Medical experience is a differentiator because the rigor required to build and qualify medical equipment is like no other industry. This rigor helps us to be better in all aspects of our business and the result is that we build better machines.

The major key to success in the machine building business is following a process and being disciplined in applying the process even when it is easy to cut corners. The companies we represent don’t cut corners and our customers continually count on them as a result.






Energy Storage


Consumer Goods

Work With CapEx to Order the Automated Production Line Machinery Your Warehouse Needs

CapEx has a singular focus – add value. We don’t want to show up and waste our customers time. We show up and add value or we don’t go.

The CapEx team has over 70 combined years in selling automation solutions. We have a process that we utilize with every project to ensure that we are aligning the application with the appropriate solution. We don’t seek to sell a customer something for the sake of selling a customer something. If we don’t have the right solution for our customers we tell them but we don’t stop there, when possible we help match the customer with a company that can fill their need. It is all about adding value.