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CapEx – ATC Automation’s Sales Division

CapEx is ATC Automation’s Sales Division in the Carolina’s, including Virginia. Contact Us today to Learn More about how ATC’s solutions can benefit your assembly system.


ATC Automation provides custom automation solutions including dial, palletized, synchronous & non-synchronous; full automation, semi automation, and lean systems. All of their turnkey solutions come with 24/7 service. ATC Automation has a global team, located at campuses in Cookeville, TN and Monterrey, Mexico. which manufactures custom automated assembly and test equipment. They work together to provide highly engineered solutions and systems for a variety of industries on a global scale, including consumer goods, transportation, and energy storage.

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“ATC Automation’s team structure and function separates us from other automation companies. While most companies also talk about a team environment, ours takes the concept to the next level. Instead of pulling team members from a “pool” for each project, our teams stay together. The one exception is that “you” the customer becomes part of the team. This creates synergy throughout the team, complimenting each other’s strengths.”

Verticals & Industries ATC Specializes In


Energy Storage Device Assembly & Testing


Fuel Delivery Systems


Medical Device Assembly


Robotic Assembly


Service Engineering Support


Synchronous & Non-Synchronous Technologies

ATC Automation’s Full Line of Assembly Automation Solutions

Fully Automated / Complete (Turnkey) Systems

At the top of ATC’s core competencies are the complete, fully automated, assembly and test systems. These systems help to reduce labor cost, improve quality, and allow you to have better control of your manufacturing processes.

  • Robotics
  • Rotary Dial Indexers
  • Walking Beam Indexers
  • Welding (Laser, Ultrasonic, Traditional)
  • Dispensing
  • Vision Systems
  • Traceability
  • Part Identification
  • Pressing
  • Leak Testing
  • Measure
  • Weighing
  • Part Marking (3D, Laser, Bar Code)
  • Electrical Testing
  • Part Feeding Technologies
  • Press Force Monitoring
  • Data Acquisition
  • Material Handling
  • Drive and Torque Systems
  • Functional Testing
  • Designed for Future Growth
  • Service & Support
  • Curing (Ultraviolet, Heat, Air, Time)
  • Fastening
  • Change-out Tooling
  • Decades of Experience

Hybrid-Automated Manufacturing Systems

ATC Automation’s semi-automated systems are what you are looking for when flexibility, repeatability, and cost efficiencies are needed in a manufacturing system.

  • Torque & Drive Systems
  • Sensing
  • Vision Systems
  • Welding (Laser, Ultrasonic, Traditional)
  • Dispensing Technologies
  • Feeding Technologies
  • Pressing & Press Force Monitoring
  • Part Identification
  • Fastening Technologies
  • Robotics
  • Measurement
  • Weighing
  • Part Marking (3D, Laser, Bar Code)
  • Electrical Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Data Acquisition
  • Material Handling

Lean Manufacturing / Manual Work Cells

When flexibility and efficiency matter most in your manufacturing environment, count on ATC Automation to provide lean solutions that are unparalleled in the industry.

  • Torque & Drive Systems
  • Change-out tooling with fixture set-up verification
  • Sensing: Part & Color
  • Dispensing: Continuous Bead
  • Feeding: Bowl & Spring
  • Pressing: Servo, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
  • Part Marking: Labeling, Ink Jet, Impact Marker, Pin Stamping
  • Welding: Robotic
  • Robotics: 6-Axis Articulated, SCARA, XYZ Linear Mechanism/Module
  • Vision: Matrix Array
  • Fastening: Crimping, Orbital/Riveting Peeners
  • Electrical Testing

Interesting in Learning More about ATC’s assembly solutions? Contact a rep. There’s no cost or requirement to learn more about ATC’s offerings if they make sense for your need.