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Mass Flow Leak Testing 101

Definition of Mass Flow Leak Testing

Mass flow leak testing is pressurizing a test part and measuring the amount of flow it takes to maintain the target pressure. Mass flow is a common test technology for most applications. Customers most often use mass flow when they are testing large volume parts or have high mix, low volume applications. One significant benefit to mass flow is that there is no need to calibrate because mass flow is not volume dependent.

The key to a successful mass flow test is allowing enough cycle time. We can use some tricks to get the part filled more quickly but ultimately physics plays a role in all leak testing.

Here are a few challenges that can prevent you from achieving repeatable flow tests:

-Temperature changes can significantly impact the test results. Think of a milk jug in the sun. What happens? Pressure builds in the milk jug. This is no different for a test circuit when hot parts are tested.

-System air pressure fluctuations can affect the repeatability of the test. These pressure fluctuations create unstable conditions in the part and test circuit.

To summarize, mass flow leak testing is when we measure the amount of flow it takes to maintain pressure in the test part. Anything that affects the pressure of the test circuit will affect the repeatability of the test. Mass flow technology is ideal for high mix, low volume products and is commonly used on large parts. Please contact CapEx Sales for more details or additional training about leak test technologies. We provide turnkey leak and functional test solutions and represent Cincinnati Test Systems, the largest leak test company in the world.



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