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The Ultimate RFQ

Customers ask from time to time – What information do you need to enable you to provide a quote for us?  After responding, I find that my answers are never as comprehensive as I wish they had been.  So we have constructed a more comprehensive list of recommendations related to Request for Quote provided by our customers for Custom Equipment.  The custom equipment could be automation, leak testing, function testing, etc. because the same rules apply to the majority of custom equipment.  Let’s take a look:

General Information

Key Contacts, Due Dates, PPAP Dates, Installation Dates, Part Availability, Volumes, Shifts, Expected Efficiency, etc.

Part Documentation

Drawings, models (if available), related specifications.

Tell Us About Your Part

How does it work?  What does it do?  What in the assembly process is critical to its proper function?  The more we know about your part the better the ultimate solution.

Outlined Process Detail

How would you prefer to put the part together?  These are often an evolution but starting with some guidance is key to a timely and comprehensive response to your RFQ.

Process Related Parameters

Press force requirements, torque requirements, leak test specifications, etc. help to ensure the correct level of technology is applied.  Reduces guesswork and risk, which leads to lower cost.

Preferred Components

This ensures we quote exactly the components your maintenance personnel are used to servicing today.

Highlight Risk Areas

What assembly concerns should we be aware of related to this product?  This is one of the best ways to ensure overall project success.  If you know there is a potential problem, we need to know to focus our efforts on a comprehensive solution.

Lessons Learned

What are the lessons learned from similar applications?  If it took your company many years to solve an assembly problem, we need to know about it so that we make the proper assumptions.

Available Utilities

Air, Voltages, and other necessary infrastructure.

Runoff Criteria

How do you plan to qualify the equipment?  (OEE/PPK/CPK)


Are there process examples that we should use for reference?  Are those process cycle times in line with expected cycle times for this equipment?


Quotes are explanatory and quantitative.  The more information we have regarding your application, the more detailed our quote will be (explanatory) and the lower the price (quantitative).  Limited information increases risk.  As a machine builder, we typically only have one chance to get it right.   In every single application that provided us with this comprehensive detail, the application has been a success.

These are recommendations and not requirements.  We appreciate all opportunities regardless of how comprehensive the request.



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