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Last week, we talked about fixed versus growth mindset.  Adopting and living in a growth mindset is the first step to manifesting anything you want in your life.  If you are skeptical of this claim, you just might still be in a fixed mindset.  Here are five steps that will help you manifest anything in life:



Choose a growth mindset.  If you want to manifest anything in your life, you will need to choose growth mode over fixed mode.  It is just that straight forward.  If you are in fixed mode, it won’t be easy to break free.  You have likely had years of programming.  Here are a few ideas to help you begin to shift your mode:


Personal Narrative – You are going to need to take control of that voice inside your head.  This is the voice that seeks validation at every turn.  This is what recalls failures, transgressions, and broken dreams from our past.  This personal narrative chooses to use the past as a weapon against a better future.  Do your best to keep your personal narrative in check by expressing gratitude each day.  Find at least one thing to be grateful for having in your life.  Meditation has been a transformational tool for me.  It helps you to become an observer of your thoughts rather than a victim.  Just 20 minutes a day can make all the difference.  At first you might feel like you are wasting your time, but remember the brain is a muscle and repetition coupled with practice will strengthen your mind.


Demonstrate genuine appreciation – Thank every person that assists you in any way, and mean it!  Do this every day!


Let go – If you are allowing the past to dictate your attitude in the present, shame on you.  You are an adult, let it go!


After you choose a growth mindset, you are ready for the next step.  Success in manifesting the life we desire has 90% to do with attitude, so getting that right is a necessity.



Choose the path.  This is all about making the plan for your life manifested.  Here is how to make a plan:


  1. Visualize the end. What does it look like when it is all said and done?  Think big, dream big.  What will your legacy be?  Get out a pen and paper and start writing.
  2. Core value discovery. What values define you?  If you want a list to get you started, click here.  I have 12 core values that I will seek to uphold no matter what.  These become your foundation on which your life will be built.
  3. How will you serve? The happiest, most satisfied people are those that focus on serving.  Most people think service is free, but the highest paid among us are those that figure out how to serve the most.  Service is not anathema to poverty.
  4. What are the goals? Make a list of goals you would like to achieve in pursuit of your vision.  Choose three that are personal and three that are focused on how you serve.  Write a paragraph or two about why you seek to achieve this goal.  If you can’t find the “why”, I suggest choosing another goal.  The “why” is critical because it keeps you moving forward through the suck.  Identify the next few steps and identify the obstacles you will likely encounter.  Identify who can help you along the way.  We want encouragement and a swift kick in the butt from time to time.



Take consistent action.  Hope is key, but without action there is no hope.  Now that you have a plan, it is time to take action.  The question is, what is the next step that will move me closer to my goals?  The plan is to always be moving forward through action.  Prayer is helpful to be certain, but must be coupled with action for maximum potential.  Short and sweet – move forward!  Many times in the pursuit of your dreams and manifesting the life you desire, the temptation to sleep in will arise.  Crush it with consistent action.  The only way to manifest dreams is to consistently act.  There will be times when all seems hopeless.  Push forward with consistent action even in the darkest moments and the universe will bend to your will.  Every hero’s journey is filled with obstacles.  Anything worth having has been earned.



Accountability.  If you want to accelerate your progress toward your dreams, find someone that will hold you accountable.  This could be a mentor, colleague, or group.  They can kick you in the tail when necessary, call you out on your excuses, and give you hope when the days are dark.  Seek accountability!



Community.  Surround yourself with friends and colleagues focused on growth.  This is often a challenge.  Pursuing your dreams with intentional, positive action is just not the norm in the world.  Your neighbors and friends think you are crazy.  They struggle to comprehend why you do what you do in pursuit of your dreams.  That is okay.  Do not judge them.  Seek growth communities.  Local groups include Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie.  Depending on what you are pursuing, there are various business networking groups like Rotary that you could get involved with as well.  Regardless of how you do it, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of getting around the right people.  Often, the benefit is for you to share your experiences.  This helps others you are sharing with and especially helps you because it reinforces the lesson or experience.




I want to give you hope and a kick in the tail.  You can manifest amazing things in your life, whether you are 18 or 78.  The universe does not discriminate, but if you want something different, you need to choose accordingly.  Start today or start tomorrow, but any procrastination is simply an excuse.  The conditions will never be just right.  Now is the time to move forward!


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