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Dukane Plastic Welding Equipment & Intelligent Assembly Solutions

For our Tennessee markets, we offer Dukane Solutions. Dukane is a global provider of plastic welders for the welding of thermoplastic materials. A standard line of ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, spin welders, laser welders and heat staking thermal presses are used to provide solutions that meet the unique requirements of each customer’s application. The plastic welders line also includes film and fabric sewing and slitting machines and custom automated assembly systems.


Dukane provides knowledgeable application engineers, no charge consultations, regional technical centers and a network of international offices. Dukane offers a technical training program and unparalleled Service and Support.


Better Engineering’s parts washers and parts cleaning systems are used throughout the world and in virtually every sector of the economy. Applications include cleaning jet engine components, automotive manufacturing, industrial applications, cleaning in pharmaceutical plants, repair & maintenance operations and more.



Ultrasonic Plastic Welders

Ultrasonic plastic welding is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from high-frequency mechanical motion. It is accomplished by converting high-frequency electrical energy into high-frequency mechanical motion. That mechanical motion, along with applied force, creates frictional heat at the plastic components’ mating surfaces (joint area) so the plastic material will melt and form a molecular bond between the parts.  The following drawings illustrate the basic principle of ultrasonic welding.


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Dukane Laser Welding Workcells

Dukane Laser Welding Workcells are designed to weld clear-to-clear plastic components without the need of any laser absorbing additives. These workcells incorporate a recently developed 2 micron laser with greatly increased absorption by clear polymers and enables highly controlled melting through the thickness of optically clear parts.


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Hot Plate Welders

The ideal assembly solution for medium, contoured, or complex thermoplastic parts – hot plate welders. Designed for versatility and easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts. Typical hot plate welding applications include fuel tanks, reservoirs, taillight lenses, and vent ducts. The hot plate welders easily achieve hermetic seals, and finished part weld strength approaching that of the virgin material.


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Spin Welders

Dukane Ultrasonics offers a range of advanced, high quality spin welders in stand alone or fully automated units for today’s advanced applications. Dukane spin welders work with most thermoplastics, will accommodate large diameter parts, and easily achieve hermetic seals. Dukane’s spin welders provide precise control of the melt temperature and contain the ability to weld large, complex parts.  The result: excellent weld strength and hermetic seals every time.


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Heat Staking Thermal Press

In thermal heat staking, light pressure and localized heat are used to control the molten flow of plastic material to capture and/or retain another component to provide a strong mechanical bond between the two components. A thermal tool at a user defined temperature contacts the plastic boss or post and heat is thermally transferred from the tool to the plastic. Once the plastic material has reached its melting point, force is introduced to the process to reform the plastic typically to the shape of the custom designed thermal tooling cavity.


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Vibration Welders

Linear vibration welders require no additional materials and provide energy efficient operation with permanent assembly and hermetic sealing. Other advantages include large part capability, internal joints, immediate handling, high production rates and entrapment of other parts. These vibration welders can handle painted and mold release parts.


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Custom Engineering

We are known throughout the industry for our willingness and ability to meet our customers’ specialized needs. The design of our products encourages innovation so that any configuration, from standalone, single-station systems to fully integrated automation, is possible.


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