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Better Engineering Industrial Wash Systems

For more than 50 years, Better Engineering has manufactured high quality, automatic industrial parts washers and parts cleaning systems utilizing spray, immersion and ultrasonic technologies. BE cleaning systems use detergents that are water soluble and biodegradable, making them safer for the user and for the environment.


Better Engineering has the highest caliber engineering staff in the industry.  Utilizing innovative design software, we are able to build great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.


Better Engineering’s parts washers and parts cleaning systems are used throughout the world and in virtually every sector of the economy. Applications include cleaning jet engine components, automotive manufacturing, industrial applications, cleaning in pharmaceutical plants, repair & maintenance operations and more.



Turntable style parts washers

In regards to turntable style parts washing systems, Better Engineering is world renowned.  We offer a broad spectrum of systems from wash only washers to heavy-duty systems to multiple spray wash/rinse/dry stage systems in order to accommodate various applications.

To learn more, watch our Turntable Style Parts Washer Videos





Conveyor washers

Better Engineering is leading the way when it comes to conveyor parts washers. BE’s Cyber-jet line of conveyor washers are smartly engineered, elegantly designed, and ruggedly constructed.  Standard belt widths 14″, 24″, 36″ and 48″.

To learn more, watch our Conveyor Washer Videos





Immersion Ultrasonic Washers

The S-22/14 ImmersoSonic line of machinery has established a new, higher standard for immersion washers.






Tumbling Washers

The CYCLOJETS clean and dry parts that other parts washers can’t – complex screw machine parts and larger parts with blind holes and intricate passage ways.

To learn more, watch our Tumbling Washer Videos




Drum Washers

Better Engineering’s line of rotary drum washers clean small parts in volume.  The rotating drum has an internal helix to tumble and convey the parts forward through one or more cleaning stages.

To learn more, watch our Drum Washer Videos





RTO Washers

Designed for work cells and lean manufacturing centers. Super compact. Loaded/Unloaded from same point, either by hand or by robot.

To learn more, watch our RTO Washer Videos





Custom Washers

Better Engineering’s standard models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which we build great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem. Half of the cleaning systems Better Engineering builds are modified or completely custom to meet applications you may have.

To learn more, watch our Custom Washer Videos





Corportate Brochure: CorporateBrochure.pdf


Drum Washer Fact Sheet: Drum_washer_fact_sheet_FINAL.pdf


Genesis Spec Sheet: Genesis_Spec_Sheet.pdf


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Purifier Fact Sheet: Purifier_Fact_Sheet.pdf