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How To Run An Effective Meeting

How to Run an Effective Meeting

How often do we experience a conference call or meeting that goes astray?

Below are some guidelines to help ensure that you are recognized as a true professional in conducting an effective meeting.  This is a sure way to advance in your organization.

A mini-poll of co-workers and customers regarding the annoying problems/issues seen during poorly run meetings is below:

  • Lack of Preparation

– No Agenda
– Technology Not Working
– Does Not Start On Time
– Room Not Ready

  • Leader allows off topic conversations (rabbit trails).
  • One person taking over the meeting (we all know that guy).
  • Decision makers are not in the meeting (requires a 2nd mtg).
  • Meeting Runs Over Allotted Time Allowed

Here are a few helpful tips for orchestrating an organized & timely meeting:

  • Send an Invitation

– Specify the date & time plus meeting length.
– Include an agenda and corresponding discussion times.
– Note the objectives of the meeting & any necessary background.
– Insure key decision makers are attending the meeting.

  • During the Meeting

-Start on time!
-Establish a scribe to take meeting minutes.
-Ban technology usage- no texting, no emailing!  Laptops closed please!
-Review Agenda
-Review past meeting minutes and check the status of action items.
-Eliminate off topic or off agenda discussions immediately.

  • Wrap Up

-Agree on action items, the persons responsible, and required completion dates.
-When is the follow up meeting?
-Send out detailed meeting minutes – Did the meeting meet the objectives?
-Encourage additions or clarifications to the meeting minutes.

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